Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roero Arneis DOCG 2011 - Cornarea

Finding the right wine to go with a dish like Vitello Tonnato is not easy. There is quite some bold flavors in there: sour, sweet, fatty, earthiness, meat and fish.

This requires a full bodied white wine with both enough acidity and sweetness. So I relied on an old principle: look at what the locals drink with the dish.

In this case, the result was spot on. When asking for a wine suggestion for this dish in the Piedmont region, you will be most likely be served a Roero Arneis.

Roero is an area in the north-east corner of Cuneo in Piedmont. Arneis has been a somewhat underestimated grape for a long time, used mainly to soften the harshness and tannines of the Nebbiolo grape in the wines of the Barolo region. Sometimes Roero is therefore referred to as 'Barolo Bianco'.

By 1970 there was very little Arneis made. Only with the revival of the white wines of Piedmont in the 1980's, Arneis became fashionable again, resulting in the widespread use as varietal, or wine made from a single, named grape variety.

Tasting notes

Straw yellow color. Some flowers in the nose turning to distinct white and exotic fruits. Full bodied, dry wine on the palate with almonds and elegant minerals in the finish. This wine is cradled in the richness of the minerals in the chalky soil where its vines grow.

The characteristics of this wine make it an elegant but also rich and well structured companion of seafood, veal, porc or creamy cheeses. Absolutely superb wine!

In the Netherlands Roero Arneis from Cornarea can be bought at Vinissimo:

-Ron Maertzdorf

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