Friday, November 24, 2017

6 simple tricks to create Great Taste in your kitchen

Heaven for some, burden for most, nightmare for few.

The kitchen is not a place that makes everybody happy. Some have the feeling that whatever they do, it somehow will never come out great. Here's a few tips that can help you along.

1 Prepare

It doesn’t matter what you are cooking: Christmas dinner for the whole family or a some scrambled eggs for breakfast. If you prepare well, or as the French call it do your 'mise-en-place’, cooking becomes much easier and the risk of nasty surprises is reduced to a minimum. As an added bonus, doing your mise-en-place will make you visualize all steps in the cooking process which helps tremendously in cooking a great dish easier and faster.

2 Use fresh herbs 

Most supermarkets today sell fresh herbs either cut and packaged or as whole plants in pots. The pre-packed stuff is fine but can be quite expensive. If you have some garden space, a balcony or even a window sill, you can grow some fresh herbs yourself. No need to go overboard – some rosemary, thyme and fresh parsley, maybe some basil... It will take your cooking a long way.

3 Use fresher spices

There is nothing wrong with dried herbs. They have a different flavor profile and we often use them in combination with fresh herbs. But spices are a different story. The can of ground spice that has been sitting in your cupboard since the 20th century? That needs to go! Only use freshly ground pepper, nutmeg and other spices and your cooking will improve instantly. They even sell them with their own built-in grinders these days - so no more excuses!

4 No more pre-packaged sauces and spice-mixes

We’ve all been there and done that: the quick jar of marinara sauce or packet of spice-mix. The result usually is a big disappointment. Most of them are loaded with salt and saturated fat (the kind that is bad for you) anyway.
Of course there are some exceptions that provide reasonably good food but they always come with a host of nasty additives that you simply should not put in your body. Read the ingredients and you’ll see the pre-packaged stuff is easy to prepare yourself and you can leave out the unwanted artificial stuff. Your children will thank you for it later.

5 Develop your repertoire

Ever wonder why your favorite dish at the local restaurant tastes so good? Or why your mom’s soup is the best in the world?
Because they prepared it hundreds of times, getting better every time. Make sure you have 5 or 10 dishes that you prepare regularly and hone your skills. Never make the mistake of cooking that great recipe you saw online for the first time when you’re having guests for dinner. You are bound for disaster. Cook the dish that you are very comfortable with and really apply yourself to making it the best rendition ever. Success will be guaranteed - just keep an eye on the waiters.

6 Have fun!

Many people see cooking as a burden or something that takes way too much time. What they are forgetting is that cooking is a perfect way to spend your free time. Researching recipes, shopping for food, experimenting and preparing a dish is the best meditation one can think of. Cooking a great meal for friends or family isn't about showing off your skills either. More than anything it is about caring and sharing. It is about communion and creates an instant bond, even with strangers. With the hustle and bustle we all face in our everyday lives, dinner time often is the only time when friends or family get together and share. Some don’t even have that, but they should. If all respect that, get together and enjoy what is being served, cooking a good meal becomes the most fun task of your entire day.

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