Monday, November 12, 2012

The most important kitchen utensil you will ever buy!

Well, of course you need a stove, some pots and pans, a couple of good knives and an oven, but next to that, the most important thing to have in your kitchen, is a meat thermometer.
Preferably a digital one as the analog types can sometimes be hard to read.

Over the coming months (and hopefully many years thereafter),
Discover Great Taste will show you how to use this small gadget to greatly enhance your cooking results.

Being able to measure the core temperature of a large piece of meat or poultry, will definitely boost your cookery ratings. You can use it to make sure your next Thanksgiving turkey is not overcooked and dry, your Sunday roast chicken is not raw on the inside and be confident the roast shoulder of Lamb on your BBQ is cooked to a nice medium rare.

If you pick a nice one with a temperature range, say 0-200C (32-392F), you can even use it to check your deep frying pan heats the oil to the right temperature or use it for stove-top sous vide cooking.
It is also essential to do the low and slow cooking methods you will find on this blog!

Good quality digital meat thermometers are available in shops and on the internet for less than Eur 20,-, which really makes them worth the investment.    

So if you don't have (a good) one, go out and buy one now! :-)

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