Sunday, November 30, 2014

Refrigerator and freezer storage times

Some of you have asked where we get the indications for storage times of our dishes. Well, to a certain extent this is from experience. But we always cross-check with this list. Please note that the indicated refrigerator times are to ensure the safe consumption of the food. If you want to keep a dish in storage always make sure you bring down the temperature of your dish rapidly. Since the food that is stored in your freezer below 18°C (0°F) can keep for indefinitely, indicated freezer times are an indication for quality only.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our perfect BBQ setup

If you are a real BBQ enthusiast like us here at Discover Great Taste, you don't need summer or sunshine to bring out 'Ye olde Barbecue'. But with summer now approaching fast many of you will follow our example. Alas, for some families, friends and other victims, this also means having to scuff down a lot of 'burnt on the outside, raw on the inside' meats and -more worrisome- poultry, whilst trying not to hurt your feelings.

To help you along a little, here's our perfect BBQ setup that will enable you to grill all your meats, poultry, fish and vegetables without having to worry about stuff burning. Without that risk, you can take all the time you need to cook things properly and never run the risk of serving under-cooked food again.

Our weapon-of-choice is the iconic charcoal kettle grill by Weber. Formally named 'One Touch', this grill has all the options you need. Apart from the obvious stuff, this grill has an essential feature in the form of a lid that you can use to close the burning coals and your food in and basically turn your BBQ into an oven or a smoker which opens up a wide variety of BBQ techniques that will help you Discover Great Taste.

Weber has many new variations of this grill with nice accessories 'n stuff. You can check them out here.

Second essential element are the vents on both bottom and top of the grill. These give you control over the temperature which is very important. I have marked the settings for the lever at the bottom, to give me some idea of how far the slots in the grill are open or closed.

The third essential element is the coal. Preferably lump charcoal, good quality briquettes or plain old wood. The smoke and caramelisation of the food (not the burning!) is essential for the BBQ taste and -experience.

Of course there are gas grills out there. And if you like to use one of them, please feel free to do so. But this has nothing to do with BBQ. We wish you good luck and all the best and request you to please not be angry if to us, you're just one of those people ;-)

Anyway, as said, these are the most essential elements. There are many grills like these, but you should look for these options to be able to do some real nice BBQ.
There is of course the Big Green Egg as the nec plus ultra of grills, but as we do not have that much 'Big Green' here at Discover Great Taste, the ol' Weber will have to do.

A perfect way to prevent the 'burnt on the outside, raw on the inside' syndrome is to use indirect grilling. In this setup, coals are kept at the side of the BBQ with a dripping tray in the middle.

Fill the dripping tray with water to prevent burning of the drippings that fall to the bottom of the BBQ. If you close the lid of the BBQ, the steam coming from the water will also moisten the air in the BBQ and get more crispy results as the steam helps to transfer the heat to the food.

Place the grill and carefully place whatever you are grilling over the dripping pan. In this case we used a 'spatchcocked' whole chicken (recipe will follow soon).

Close the lid and use top- and bottom vents to regulate the temperature in the BBQ. You will be amazed by the end result. This works for all kinds off food from large pieces of meat to thins slices, fish, sliced vegetables, etc. You can cook the food for as long as you need and it will stay nice and crispy without any fear of burning.

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