Friday, November 24, 2017

Marmorelle Rosso, IGT Salento, Tenute Rubino 2013

If it weren't for the occasional cool sea breeze coming from the Mediterranean, Italy's Salice Salento region in Puglia -the heel of the Italian boot- would be a blistering wasteland. Yet, the fertile soils and moderating influence of the nearby sea make it easy to grow anything here. Remarkably flat for Italian countryside but all the more sunny and dry. Almost half of Italy's olive oil is produced in Puglia and -of course- grapes. Ripe, sun baked, deep black-purple colored grapes. The phrase 'wine is bottled sunshine' fits Puglian wine exceptionally well.

Based on the work of his father Tommaso, Luigi Rubino, started the Tenuto Rubino brand in 1999, together with his wife Romina Leopardi. The company has its headquarter in Brindisi, where the launch of a brand new winery has been the first steps in the business. The rediscovery of native grapes from Puglia is the main theme in Tenute Rubino’s productive philosophy, that is grounded in both innovation and tradition.
Innovation is achieved by applying modern techniques in both vineyard and wine cellar. Tradition is embodied by the use of local grape varieties that historically are connected to the Salento region.

One of these grapes is the Negroamaro (literally translated as 'black bitter'). Mixed with a little black malvasia, it is the main grape used in the Marmorelle Rosso, IGT Salento.

The intense ruby red color is the harbinger of ripe plum and baked raspberries in the nose. Hints of spices such as anise and nutmeg can be detected along with more earthy flavors such as cocoa.

The wine is full bodied, but with pleasant tannines and fine acidity. Instead, it delivers red fruits in large quantities, reminding us of the ferocious sun in Puglia. Overall the palate is well-balanced with the nose.

It is definitely a modern wine: pleasant and smooth yet full-bodied and rich.
A wonderful companion to pasta with tomato based sauces, lamb, stews, grilled vegetables or moderately strong cheeses but also enjoyable on it's own complementing any occasion.

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